Suicides are rising. Enough is Enough.

Everyone is getting so fed up with this! We can’t live a normal life because of a virus that is never going to go away! We can argue and talk all day and night about how terrible the covid death rate has become again but not once have the government mentioned the impact it’s having on those with mental illness! People can’t see therapists, go to CBT, get a face to face appointment with a Doctor. Part of the recovery process is speaking to PEOPLE not a computer screen! Can’t see a medical professional one on one with safety measures in place but you can go to a packed bar or restaurant? It doesn’t make any sense! The suicide rates are rising and a lot of people are at the end of their tether so it’s only going to keep rising. Enough is enough. Get a vaccine rolled out or come up with a better plan! The restrictions clearly aren’t working.

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It’s important not to forget anyone in this equation. While we must protect everyone including the vulnerable and the elderly, we must remember those with hidden disabilities. We need to remind them it’s ok not to be ok now more than ever. This virus has brought nothing but ruin. It’s ruined families, the economy, the lives of those already struggling and it has been the death of many without Them catching it. I ask the first minister to remember it’s not just covid that’s killing people, it’s cancer, diabetes, suicides and as we come into flu season, even more. We have to face facts that we need to deal with other problems than covid as nothing is working!

by JC192 on October 06, 2020 at 11:36AM

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  • Posted by Scottlebusiness October 06, 2020 at 12:20

    Every time a polotician talks about mental health its clear they're just giving it lip service, I don't normally suffer with a mental illness, but I was having anxiety attacks last lockdown, I'm glad though that most of the public is waking up to how stupid our governments have been, lockdown has been the biggest mistake made by our government in modern history.
  • Posted by Pippa202 October 06, 2020 at 12:28

    Agree mental health has to be a priority. Decisions need to be made on how to live with covid in the long term that take into account the social (including mental health) impacts of the virus including on young people, who's mental health has been badly affected by the virus.
  • Posted by GSS October 06, 2020 at 12:36

    Mental and emotional health are just as important and physical health. And don't wait for a vaccine which may not be 100% effective. Develop a 100% effective treatment and let people be the social animals they are
  • Posted by netherlee October 06, 2020 at 20:23

    It's clear this strategy is not working. Too many people with other illnesses are being neglected, refused treatment etc. The government made many people very afraid, and these people and theri fear are now ruling the rest of us who have come to the conclusion that death is part of life, and that we can't shut the country down because of risk- we don't shut it down for flu, nor to we forbid driving cars or motor cycles or cycling because thousands die on the road, nor do we forbid wine, crisps and TV because we will get fat, diabetes and die. We all take those risks voluntarily ir involuntarily each day- that is life. We won't live forever. No government can stop us dying. But we can look after each other, have a quality of life, protect our mental health and make sure young people have medical treatment and jobs...they should not be sacrificed.
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