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The Scottish government need to look at a wider scientific field than they currently are being. PCR tests are not accurate. If the tests are processed at more than 25 cycles they provide a high false positive rate (can be up to 3% of all people tested) Many scientists including mark wheelhouse advise that lockdowns don’t work they just push the inevitable back. SG said we would have a stricter lockdown to put us in a better position. We are in a worse position to the south of England. There should be a nuanced approach those who are healthy and are not at risk should be allowed to work and keep the economy going those who are higher risk should be given the option to restrict their exposure this should be voluntary not mandatory. Glasgow Lanarkshire and Lothian should have had stricter curfews and regulations. Rural areas that rely in tourism should still allow self catering to operate as most operators are adhering to guidance but should perhaps prevent those staying from local lockdown areas. During the last lockdown in March many businesses were closed that could have said open and work remotely. Solicitors being one and estate agents should still have been able to organise viewings making sure viewers weren’t from restricted areas. Lockdowns don’t work. The collateral damage from preventable business failures; deaths and hospitalisations do not weigh up with the benefit. CMAHs hasn’t been able to deal with mental health issues previously and support is virtually non existent now.

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We need to learn to live with this virus it is not going away anywhere most people will not take a rushed vaccine as the long term effects are not know. All locking down does is buy you some time and doesn’t change the trajectory which is what happened in the spring. We pushed everything on to the winter... there will be an exponential growth of suicide; late stage cancer diagnosis; heart issues these were and are entirely preventable. The way the figures are reported should be transparent my daughter recently broke her arm she had a covid test if she had tested positive before her op she would have counted as a covid hospital admission when she wasn’t she was a hospital admission for a broken arm. My local hospital has 2 covid patients neither of which are in hospital due to covid they just happened to test positive for it.

by Stephaniekeachie on October 05, 2020 at 07:04PM

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