Teenagers without masks on buses

Teenagers should also be made to wear masks on buses unless they are exempt. I work in a hospital and have to get four buses each day. There are two high schools very close to the hospital. Teenagers get on and sit in big groups laughing and joking. They have one of the highest rates of infection yet they are going mask free.. they are over five, why is nothing being said. I can see elderly people looking over worried and people that can't wear masks. The staff going to two hospitals in the area wondering if they will be the one to bring it in to the hospital. It can take 7-10 days to get symptoms and a lot of the time teenagers are asymptomatic. It is not fair on the people who genuinely can't wear masks, the vulnerable and all those who wear a mask. If they can wear them in schools they can wear them on buses. They should not be in groups larger than six or is this my imagination? Hundreds and I mean hundred pile out the doors and to the Meadows at lunchtime and then at the door virtually crushing each other to get in with no masks. They are all infecting each other. Being stuck inside a hospital because you don't want to wade through masses of teenagers... one even ran up to and around me whilst everybody cheered as it was evident I was trying to stay away. It needs to be addressed for everyone's sakes. Exemption cards for all those that can't wear a mask and must be verified because a lot of people when asked say exempt and swagger on. Then talk and laugh on phone instead of keeping there mouth shut... like one who shouted asthma.. if having mild asthma exempts you then half population would be exempt.. i say mild as i wouldn't have the lung capacity to talk and laugh at 90 mph for 20 minutes. It is not anybodys fault if you genuinely cant wear a mask but try to be considerate. Everybody stop shutting the windows as well.. id take brief amount of time being cold over being infected. Last point cover mouth and nose with mask.. I have no idea why people just cover mouth.. its not smart its thick.

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Because we will never get the R rate below 1 if this carries on.. to be frank its a mess.

by Suz1Ed1nburgh on October 11, 2020 at 03:15PM

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  • Posted by JoySal October 11, 2020 at 16:13

    It's true, little is being done to challenge those who are clearly able to wear a mask and choose not to do so. If everyone does their bit, maybe, just maybe it will make a difference.
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