Temperature checks in schools

Provide schools with thermometers to check temperature of all adults on entry and any young person even with as much as a snotter or even a heat rash.

Why the contribution is important

School communities need more protection.

A small temperature check could prevent a spread or stop an outbreak. Is easy to carry out.

It might make staff feel more at ease at work.

I have experienced the highest levels of stress I have ever seen among teachers. Every single one puts themselves out there every day with increased risk of exposure as they care about the education and mental health of our young people. A return to full classes is scary. Everyday is scary, especially with new cases in schools on a regular basis.

by SchoolTeacher on October 11, 2020 at 02:09PM

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  • Posted by Suz1Ed1nburgh October 11, 2020 at 15:42

    Problem is it usually takes time for symptoms to develop and compared to adults children have a tendency to be asymptomatic, so they may not have temperature now or ever as not everybody gets a temperature. Some people never develop a cough ever. Those are just the more common symptoms reported. Most often it is lack of taste and smell that is the most common symptom, but again you may not get this. You might have had it and never knew. It is like taking temp at airport.. useless. They would have to be properly tested and I think teachers should be.
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