The Great Barrington Declaration.

Thousands of health scientists and medical practitioners have signed in agreement and support of ending lockdowns and taking a more balanced approach. The virus has only been deadly for 0.05% of the Scottish population. Consistant lockdown restrictions will not stop the seasonal deaths caused by the virus and so should be scrapped. Proper robust measures with adequate funding should be put in place to protect the most vunerable in communities, hospitals and nursing homes. This can include supplying essentials, community support for isolated individuals and track and trace designed around contact with vunerable people. Lessons need to be learnt from the failings of the first lockdown, of which 46% of deaths occurred in nursing homes. The only compulsory measures should be for contact with vunerable people. The fit and healthy portion of the population should be encouraged to take voluntary measures such as good hand hygiene, social distancing where possible and working from home. Face masks in the general public should be abandoned, the data shows no evidence of them being effective. With no minimum standard and little education, they are a total waste of money, time and the planets natural resources. This new approach will allow a gradual herd immunity to build in the majority of the population. This is the best chance we have as a nation, as evidence shows a vaccine will never be able to combat all strains of the virus. As can be seen by the data, this has already been taking place in schools and in the general population now we are entering the season for respiratory viruses. Like all new viruses the trend is showing an initial spike, a lull during off season and then a small rise during the on season. No measures we have taken this far have broken the cycle. Lockdowns and other measures are only causing more death and suffering for people with other conditions such as cancer and CardioVascular conditions. Daily briefs should be scrapped and the media should be encouraged to report more of the successes of our NHS and good government guidance for hand hygiene, etc. The public do not need to know the R number or how many deaths every day, there is no report of the 300 cancer deaths a week in Scotland. Some frightened individuals have not left their homes since the start of the epidemic. Loneliness and mental health detoriation has accelerated hospital admissions of the frail who have become deconditioned and exposed to altsimus. Keep the investment in the temporary hospitals, equipment such as CPAP machines and ICU nurses to ensure the NHS is not oberwhelemed. The population will adapt and evolve to overcome the virus, just as the human race has done in the past. Act now before it is too late, continued lock down will only result in the loss of life for years to come and a very limited developed population or economy to support structure what is left in the future.

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At this pivotal moment, it is vital that the course of action changes. Until now, inexperience and bad model predictions were the only tools available to make best case scenario decisions. Now with nearly 8 months of data, the trends have become clear and the people to protect are obvious. Informed decisions must be made to best protect the vunerable and rejuvenate the nation. Herd immunity will be the only way to save what is left of our culture, economy and western lifestyle.

by GordonC on October 11, 2020 at 04:40PM

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  • Posted by Suzie October 11, 2020 at 17:10

    This is a deadly virus and we are only now learning how deadly and incapacitating it can be. Young people can succumb, we do not know if immunity will last and we do not know what its long term consequences and prognoses will be. Herd immunity is too risky and we must find another way out of this pandemic- fingers crossed for a vaccine.
  • Posted by SuzieC October 11, 2020 at 20:23

    Focussed protection strategy is the sensible approach, this declaration should be given attention.
  • Posted by Bolshygirl October 11, 2020 at 21:56

    Herd immunity is the aim whether we use vaccination or natural spreading of infection which is mild for most. There is no third way, and there is a lot of resistance to the idea of mass vaccination, especially if compulsory vaccination is attempted.
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