Unified test and trace system - fix some of the flaws. Assign each household a code that allows them to protect information and report and bubbles privately

The WHO and many other epidemiologists keep saying that a successful test, track and trace system are key to holding back the pandemic. Lockdowns are ineffective long term if the test and trace system is not efficient and the lack of efficiency in the Scottish (and many other EU countries) test and trace system is costing lives

Instead of relying on each individual business to collect and save their own contact tracing info have every business saves the information daily on a unified system. Therefore, when an outbreak occurs it will be much easier for contact tracers to collect the information and it may be less likely for businesses to fail to collect the information

The government can supply a QR code/test message system that allows people to access this system which is connected to the restaurant. If people are uncomfortable with technology they can write the information and the restaurant can enter phone numbers and names into the database

Another way to do this would be to assign every household a code/number based on their address therefore they don't have to actively share their information but the government can easily track the code back to the address and contact information if necessary. This may help with privacy as businesses would be unable to access their information however contact tracers can easily do so

Why the contribution is important

A lot of restaurants are struggling to collect information which is making track and trace more difficult. Many people have been hesitant to give their information for privacy reasons and this may help solve some of the problems. Will also make contact tracing much easier because contact tracers can immediately identify the households that have been exposed and ask them to isolate

by lomm9 on October 11, 2020 at 04:07PM

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