Urgent requirement for additional Postgraduate Grants & Financial Assistance

As the threat of unemployment post Brexit & Corona-19 increases, it is absolutely essential that tomorrows workforce have access to Postgraduate Grants & Financial assistance, to pay for MBA's & Post Graduate qualifications.
Example: UHI are running an Aviation MBA, I understand all of the FY 2020/2021 financial assistance available, has been allocated to Postgrad students on the Sept 2020 intake. There is no grant or financial assistance left for Postgrad students, who would like to attend the Jan 2021 Aviation MBA intake.
Note that the UHI Aviation MBA as required has indicated that it can encompass a Freeports & Spaceports thesis.
The GOV.UK Freeports & Spaceports initiatives, Boosting Trade Jobs & Investment across the UK, have direct linkage to Regional Airports, & the growing Scottish Space & Satellite industries, all of which are key to the wide-ranging regeneration of the Scottish Tourist industry. Like NASA, one Spaceport will encompass a Space Artist in Residence, & has plans for a Space Art Park, incorporating; cave & astronomical art, mythologies, realism, impressionism, hard-wear, sculpture, technology & imagery, all attractive to tourists.

Why the contribution is important

The Space Industry Act 2018, highlights that Spaceports & Space are central to National Security, & that they are also key facets of many international UK Obligations & Agreements, & NATO interoperability.

The Freeport & Spaceport domains can offer "Real Apprenticeships".

Associated Spaceport; Space Cyber Data & High Tech Business industries, & man's further "Ascent of Space" is essential to the future economy of the UK.

by kjtainsh on October 10, 2020 at 02:26PM

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