Virus here throughout 2021 and Beyond...

We need to concentrate on minimising quality years of life lost. The average age of people who die from Covid in Scotland is above the average life expectancy, for both males and females. NHS waiting lists are at an all time high, and cancer referrals are down. This virus will be here throughout 2021. There is a chance that we never "get rid" of it. If a vaccine is made, it will take at least a year for necessary vaccination programme to be complete. Restrictions need to be sustainable for a long period of time. There needs to be minimum economic impact, while reducing what infections you can. Restrictions need to be consistent. The NHS needs to be protected as a priority, but we need to realise that now we have had time to reduce the virus and learn about it, we need to do better. Reduce the restrictions to a manageable level, that can be kept for a long time. Don't shut schools, but work from home if you can. Have a good and reliable tracking and tracing system - stop letting restaurants write names on paper. Make sure people are self-isolating, instead of this nonsense non-existent system that currently only tries to call 1 in 5 people. Technology is key to track the spread.

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Young people are paying for this now by losing their jobs. Young people will pay for this later for the increased Government debt. This response has to be balanced and realistic. The technology has to be better.

by JohnWhite on October 09, 2020 at 09:49AM

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