Weddings : exclude suppliers from numbers

At present, Scotland (unlike England) includes third party suppliers such as photographers and videographers in the 20 invited guests. As a photographer, if I photograph two households outside of 6 people, I'm not included in the 6, however if I photograph an outdoor wedding I am included in the 20 attendees. The problem is that couples are forced to choose between family members and suppliers. In the event that they choose family, this impacts the income of suppliers and subsequently has a detrimental effort on the economy. The alternative is to prop up the wedding suppliers with financial aid.

Why the contribution is important

My suggestion : either exclude suppliers from the numbers, or have a max number of additional third party suppliers (exclusive of hospitality and celebrants) . This would mean more suppliers could potentially work at a Covid safe wedding. The guest number could be variable according to local and national requirements. Suppliers are not likely to drink alcohol at a wedding, nor break social distancing rules or hug. To help determine between a supplier and a guest posing as a supplier, suppliers may be required to provide information regarding their professional services, such as professional insurance, website, etc. When checking in to q venue for track and trace. Likewise, any suppliers would be required to sit seperately from the guests during the meal.

by Ksharp on October 11, 2020 at 09:49PM

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