You need to consider every financial impact especially the self employed and those who fell through the cracks of support for 6 months

Here is an idea. Help everyone who needs help and stop ignoring groups you are inflicting financial hardship on. I have messaged you for days now for answers about the new restrictions. Where and when is the help coming for those self employed fitness professions who have been forced to go without a pay for 16 days? more than half a month. A mortgage payment or rent payment for many! many of us were excluded from any of the packages that the governments provided when we were out of work for 6 months. 6 months living with mounting debts! with self esteem at an all time low, fear for the future, concern for our wealth and well being. why are we being ignored? i have reached out multiple times and yet you continue to post on multiple media Sites but cannot dignify a response. Your inclusion of fitness classes in this new lockdown has been unwarranted with no publication of the PROVEN science. You let the industry SUFFER by choosing £££ over health and wellbeing by opening the indoor hospitality first, then the schools before allowing the gyms to reopen. we have been last in and first out, it should never have been the case in the first place. gyms and fitness classes are the only place you are digitally booked and tracked, numbers greatly limited, items are cleaned before use after use by users and again the by staff and no gym or class is as busy as a pub restraunt or supermarket. how am i safe shopping for food at the moment with many not wearning masks and breeching the social distancing rules? yet to stand front facing in a 3m x 3m box to do yoga my life is in danger?? when will you chose to answer and more importantly when will you CHOOSE to help?

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Debts are mounting amount many self employed workers due to being forced to stop working yet again. Ones who have another job which makes more than 50% of their income have received no support at all. 6 long months without Income to pay bills and stay on an even keel. Now there is more restrictions forcing them out of work again. Close to Christmas. Close to the tax bill payment cut off. And no money coming in to stay afloat. This cannot keep happening especially when there is no science to support the decision. Freelance fitness professionals have taken a massive hit in health and wellbeing.

by StacyS on October 11, 2020 at 08:19PM

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