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What can each of us do to support others who face particular challenges as a result of the coronavirus crisis?

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by ScottishGovernment on October 05, 2020 at 08:55AM

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  • Posted by Jane1000 October 05, 2020 at 18:29

    This has been a challenging time and a horrific number of lives have been lost. What has come out of this however is a real insight into community strengths and resilience. I wouldnt want to lose this. Few points--
    Community involvement and social inclusion is a real determinant of health, stability and potentially economic growth. With use of the Community empowerment act for eg can some of these initiatives be supported and developed locally so they are not lost
    The power of communities to affect not only health and wellbeing but also prevent use of formal services make them cost effective, preventative and allow for targeted and not generic resource use from the public sector. This is a rare opportunity to regain some of the traditional family and community strengths of the past
  • Posted by HappyPumpkin81 October 05, 2020 at 21:27

    Unfortunately my experience is that Covid19 has been incredibly devisive. My neighbours have vilified me for leaving my home "more than once a day" during lockdown, however I needed to access childcare for my daughter so I could keep working in my Key worker role. I have been shocked and saddened at how many people have been quick to judge and tear others down for perceived infractions without stopping to question if their judgment is accurate or why people may be acting they way they think they are. I feel that I would be less likely to extend the hand of friendship in the future.
  • Posted by Notoltn October 05, 2020 at 23:11

    Edinburgh councils actions don't show any interest in the views of the residents. So how can this idea be true? Throughout the country councils are taking advantage of the covid situation to push through unwanted plans.
  • Posted by Avocado October 05, 2020 at 23:21

    I don’t particularly feel that there is a community when all the extra-curricular activities have so many restrictions a lot of them can’t even go ahead (eg toddler groups, out of school activities). It’s hard to feel like you’re part of the school community when you’re not allowed in for parents evening. You feel like you’re doing the wrong thing taking children to the shops because there’s so many rules. There’s nowhere to go. It’s very isolating at the moment if you have young kids, and there’s no opportunity to make new friends.
  • Posted by Pippa202 October 06, 2020 at 12:35

    Talking to community organisers, my understanding is that (at least at the start of the pandemic when a 'shared foe') communities have come together. But we need to change systems to foster and support that, for example developing more opportunities for communities to have control over the money spent in their area (in their name), making 'consultation' more effective reaching people who wouldn't naturally shout out and using a variety of different approaches and ensure consultation isn't on something that has already been decided, and giving communities more seats more say in 'partnerships' like HSCP and planning.
  • Posted by APragmatist October 10, 2020 at 16:38

    Please provide us with evidence of how this kind of engagement leads to change. Have advisors, ministers talk more about what people are saying through these fora and how public opinion has been taken on board. In that way, you might find people are motivated to contribute more . Otherwise it seems rather pointless,
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