1% local sales tax

The social and economic cost of the Pandemic has specific areas that need financial and radical reorganisation. One area is the care of the elderly. I propose all social care be brought back under council control and that it is fully funded for staffing and Estate availability. The Private sector is and has failed in this area e.g Southern Cross, and this service must not be left to Market Forces again. An important pay back would be the unlocking of NHS beds. Much of social media is full of people who send hugs and promise this or pledge that. I cant speak for others but I would pay more tax on Alcohol etc to ensure that important areas be funded. DIY is a very popular area . Why not a small sales tax. Hardly noticeable on a bag of compost. I have not calculated what the Tax receipt would be, but I think we could be surprised. Consider what a 100 year old achieved. No doubt the great public en masse is a powerful and generous body. Consider as well extra funds to be used to establish protocols in our changed world for the return of children to education as quickly as possible. Politically raising a tax could spell trouble at the ballot box..... Old school . Be brave put new ways out to the public. The generosity of the public to the right areas is well known. Try it you never know you may gain more kudos than opposition.

Why the contribution is important

Somehow our future has to be paid for. Direct and Council tax fall into a hole that ever deepens. A specific tax on specific areas ( that can be changed) to fund specific areas has a direct pay back that will be seen as effective and humane Government.

by lucabilly on May 05, 2020 at 02:43PM

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