6 weeks, 6 months or 6 years

This virus isnt going away.

We do not have a vaccine for other coronavirus, common cold or seasonal flu for example.
We treat those symptoms as best as we can.

What makes you think we will get a vaccine for Covid 19.....even if we do, it could be years away.

We cant remain in lock down forever, we have to accept that people will fall ill and some of those people wont make it.

People that are vulnerable, we can shield them.
We can wear masks and enhanced hand washing/sanitiser.
Social Distancing is a pipe dream, cannot be done 100% of the time.
The lockdown was implimented to take the pressure of the NHS, we've done that, theyve built a new hospital which isnt being used.

Time to face facts, for the Government to tell us those facts and get on with it.

Why the contribution is important

The economy is in free fall, there will be.

Mass unemployment.
Mass homelessness.
Mass hunger.
Mass civil unrest.
Mass protests.

That alone will cause more deaths than Covid-19

Accept facts, unlock the country.

by petermuir79 on May 10, 2020 at 09:10AM

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  • Posted by Dave_H May 10, 2020 at 10:46

    I share this concern. But I don't think anyone knows the long term plan.

    All we have is a "manage the situation for now" strategy.

    We really can't stay in lockdown for years until a vaccine is found. At one point there was talk of controlling infection rates to be managable and gradually build up herd immunity. that is not talked about any more.

    I suspect the governments are afraid of telling the population just how long this might last. the sobering thought is Spanish flu only "ended" after several years because it mutated into a less lethal form.
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