A campaign to educate on how damaging carrying out homer jobs for significant extra income is for established micro businesses

Scotland should encourage the micro and small businesses back to the job they love and do well, who maybe are made up of only 1 or 2 staff members but that is 1 or 2 extra numbers in employment and whose entrepreneurial skills inspire the next generation of businesses. Even if that may be "old school" methods of business using pen and paper and giving your word/loyalties to help others.
It is important to note that not all businesses are online and would lose their character by growing into a large business. An egg hunt at the side of a road may just want to remain that way and as long as everyone pays into the tax revenue then don't add more loops to jump as that will only make these businesses close and add numbers to the unemployed.
Instead of targeting established businesses who are unlikely to require audits, the focus should be on full time employees who are on full wages then add significant extra income through their advertised "homer" jobs. The value taken in doing homers all year can actually be the same as the turnover of a micro business...and sickenly £0 paid into tax revenues and business taken away from a tax paying business.
I work in the hair & beauty sector, I am self employed (by choice) and work at minimum wage and long hours (not by choice) due to our services being undercut by people who "are only offering services to practice or because they love it" but are not an established business and who take payment apparently just to cover their products. These people are not uneducated, so they should know how damaging this is and our Government should be stepping in to make the changes required to get out economy bouncing back.
Also to encourage anyone gaining financial assistance from the Scottish Government should use that money to pay back into Scottish businesses and that does mean they can't pay the cheapest prices but financial benefits should have ties because without businesses operating there would be no finances for a benefit system. No finances for an NHS.

Why the contribution is important

To ensure a fair tax paying system so through our tax revenues we can help let Scotland find its roots again. Everybody should know why their hard earned money gets deducted for tax purposes and that by cheating the system results in business loss of an established business.
If there is not enough in the budget for things like roads being repaired (which we as a nation complain about a lot) also all the things we want...like nice wide cycle lanes to allow room for us all to be active and fit both mentally and physically.

by Iona on May 09, 2020 at 09:15AM

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