A few weeks behind England

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I think that by the way the virus has spread from country to country in relation to time frames shows that there is a strong chance that scotland is slightly behind england. I worry that lifting lockdown now could lead to a surge in cases of the virus. I think scotland needs just that little bit longer to remain in lockdown a little longer to ensure we have things fully under control. I think that visiting immediate family could be the first restriction lifted (obviously not those in the at risk and shielded category). I think Scottish schools need longer to prepare for pupils coming back under social distancing circumstances. Primary schools plans can't be rushed and need to be carefully thought out with sufficient risk assessments.

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It is important because although the UK is united and yes, making decisions across all nations at the same time is ideal, we cannot deny that we are all individual countries which were exposed to the virus initially at different times.

by Emma1990 on May 06, 2020 at 07:46PM

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