A list of potential current changes

1. Outdoor social interaction to increase to 2 households with strict recommendation to continue social distancing although acceptance that for young children this will not be feasible.

2. Lingering to be allowed in public spaces, e.g sitting on grass in parks.

3. Shops to be able to re-open as long as they a) socially distance and b) provide a means of handwashing (alcohol gel or soap) prior to entry. Changing rooms to be closed.

4. Masks to be worn on all public transport with hand-gel prior to entry

5. Outdoor eating/drinking areas allowed with socially distanced tables, maximum of two per table, table service only and a maximum time of 90 minutes per sitting. With tables disinfected following use.

Why the contribution is important

1. Children need social interaction during early development especially as schools are to remain closed for the foreseeable future and this would be a means of facilitating this without having age specific rules.

2. This is already happening and doesn't really change the viral transmission

3. Hand hygiene needs enforcement for shops to be able to open due to the constant touching of objects and risk of transmission.

4. Transmission has been shown to occur in pre-symptomatic persons and the attack rate on transport from chinese epidemiological studies is high. However, public transport is vital to the functioning of the economy and therefore masks seem a sensible way to attempt to reduce the risk of transmission.

5. As an attempt to re-open a section of the economy in a manner that would not change transmission too much.

by gmollett on May 08, 2020 at 10:34AM

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