A points system for Exposure/Transmission/ Risk Assessment

A simple system for assessing Exposure/Transmission/Risk based on a scale of 0-10.

For example, enclosed indoor spaces with lots of contact surfaces, and lots of people being high risk, solitary outdoor spaces with zero interaction being low risk.

Alone in car being a low number, a busy train being high, but perhaps "necessary travel" being given an adjusted rating, as might be for workplaces. Different levels of hygiene would be relevant, for example a scrupulously clean café may have a different 'ETR' number than visiting a neighbours household.

The objective would be to allow people to count their numbers, and assess which environments to go to.
If one had already visited a supermarket, a vet and a post office, then one might choose a lone outdoor walk later rather than meet another household. The following day, the outdoor meeting with another household has x points, so the rest of the activities in that day are adjusted.

Assuming a maximum number of points per day as a guideline, and over a week, one may be able to included or exclude high ETR locations or journeys according to a general balance, which obviously would include ones own individual assessment of ones health. Feeling a bit off colour, not sure if it's the start of a cold? or something else..Keep ETR low.

Points could be shown with simple colour/number stickers, for example a green 3 at a supermarket. A beach may 0-3 depending on if it busy or not. Indoor and outdoor, surfaces/no surfaces, busy/not busy would be key points.

These things would be useful for the duration of the 'new normal' until vaccination etc alleviates the need for any restrictions. Schools and workplaces need special numerical values obviously.

Why the contribution is important

Getting used to Exposure/Transmission/Risk numbers would be easy, and it would very easy to implement signage.

Understanding ETR in a simple way is important as we are being expected to adjust entire modes of behaviour to keep the virus supressed. We need simple, clear and I emphasise, logical guidelines.

I appreciate the need for fairness, and to say a lone car journey has less exposure than a busy bus journey, may not appear 'fair' to those without cars, but it is true. Our society flexed naturally with an organic variety of modes of living and being, so to unfairly quash some behaviours, that are technically zero rated ETR wise, defies logic and does not serve the greater good.

Common sense and easy to follow numbers, I believe will ensure cooperation, with the aim of minimising transmission, while allowing the population to be self determining as much as possible during a semi restrictive 'next phase'.

by Pamela55 on May 05, 2020 at 05:28PM

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