A solution for the professional development of performing arts students

Students at Universities and Conservatoires studying music should be given opportunities to perform in outdoor venues eg Kelvingrove Bandstand where having an audience is possible and can be strictly controlled.
4th year students who are due to start back in September 2020 should have the opportunity to perform as this is part of their coursework and an integral part of their professional development. Many music students will be writing dissertations which will be dependent on experiential learning/rehearsing/playing with others eg in orchestras.
Large venues could be procured free with very small audiences that allow for social distancing. They are sitting empty, anyway probably with furloughed staff.
This is relevant for all performing arts courses.

Why the contribution is important

The Scottish Government should be in consultation with the Higher Education Sector on how to deliver the best education under the circumstances. Colleges seem to be coping better whereas from personal experience of 3 different Higher Education institutions between my two daughters and myself, communication with students is poor. There is no dialogue about the future, including graduation.
Student projects have had to be changed because they are not possible due to current circumstances but the discussion had been started by the student, not the marking lecturer. That's not good enough. There requires to be a dialogue started by the university staff and forward planning for A, B and C eventualities. Students can't just go back in September to a void. They need to be contacted over the summer break with updates. The SG needs to ensure there are infrastructures in Higher Education institutions to make this happen.

by cnanguy on May 10, 2020 at 04:07PM

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