A stricter lockdown to end lockdown once and for all

Over the past months during the lockdown, we have observed that a lot of people are not following the rules: - People from different households are gathering in public places and parks - Loose lockdown rules allowed parks to be packed more crowded than usual. - No police can be seen to stop people from breaking the rules. People’s actions under a loose lockdown WILL significantly increase the rate of infection and WILL make this lockdown longer than it has to be. There is no need for it to be longer if the lockdown is stricter, i.e. NO outdoor activities except work and shopping, more people enforcement and arrests. ONLY a stricter lockdown would be an effective and worthwhile one, and one that reduces the lockdown period as well as risks to SMEs.

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The lockdown has already impacted a lot of businesses and will continue to do so if it continues, but it will only have to continue if people don’t follow the rules and the government & the police isn’t strict enough. It is time to be smarter about our lockdown plans to protect businesses and to decrease rate of infection through a stricter governance.

by Ian_fluff on May 08, 2020 at 02:03AM

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  • Posted by CarrieFortune May 09, 2020 at 11:41

    I agree with this tougher for two weeks is less damaging to economy than 2 months lockdown like this. Tougher lockdown where literally only NHS and care homes staff can go to work. first we separate NHS into Covid and non Covid staff. They stay in local hotels to protect their families for three weeks. Covid and non Covid have different hotels they have different start fines and so travel at different times. Rest of us have to stay in no out for exercise. Most people are stocked up. Most people will abide by it. The supermarkets are allowed to deliver and open during second week but only five days and people can shop on one of those days.
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