Abandon Renewing Trident

Abandon renewing trident so we can support those that can’t go back to work for longer so we don’t lose more lives than is necessary. Invest more
Money into supporting the NHS and our amazing front line staff, and pour the money into schools and wellbeing initiatives as young people are going to need more support now than ever.

Why the contribution is important

The rise in mental health issues among young people was already alarming before this epidemic and Young Minds have shown statistics that show young people are already struggling and their mental health is worse than before the lockdown - a massive 83%. Boris is ploughing ahead with herd immunity, covering it up with a ‘stay alert’ slogan and will blame the public when the fatalities rise again, because the public didn’t ‘stay alert’ 🙈 and not because of their incompetence. We also need Scottish independence as soon as is realistically possible. Nicola wants to save lives and wants families to see each other again, Boris just wants us to see our Boss’s and no mention of seeing our families - so we know what that means!

by AShearer on May 11, 2020 at 10:03PM

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