Access to sports and hobbies avoiding inequality

I have seen many suggestions that golf clubs/ tennis clubs etc be reopened and that fishing should be permitted again. My concern is that these are great for the people who actively engage in those activities, but excludes much of the population, and that many who play such sports also have personal gardens and have not been trapped inside for 2 months. Sport Scotland should be asked to complete an analysis of all sporting activities common in Scotland under normal circumstances and assess the risks for each in terms of how easy it is to maintain social distancing, what additional safe guarding measures should be in place, (e.g. changing facilities, use of face masks, hand washing facilities etc). We must find a way to allow people living in flats with no personal space a way to go outside, exercise and have some fun safely.
Could children's play areas be reopened if a cleaning station was provided to enable people to wipe down surfaces? Does Covid live in water? Could swimming pools be reopened with appropriate safe guards? Could community gardens reopen with guidelines for social distancing

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Inequality exists across this country and is a priority we are trying to overcome. If we allow golf clubs to reopen etc but cannot offer affordable sporting alternatives for everyone we are just perpetuating the situation and it will build resentment in some communities which may in turn lead to flouting the rules. People without private gardens require access to outdoors, hobbies and activities with guidance on how to maintain social distancing.

by Stargazer1960 on May 11, 2020 at 01:57PM

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