Why doesn't the Scottish government run and educated ad campaign informing the public of the best way to keep ones immune system strong during the pandemic ? For instance there is ample scientific evidence as to the benefits of vitamin C, zinc and vitamin D3 for immune health, not to mention the benefits of daily moderate exercise and meditation. Diet should also be featured mentioning to eat plenty of fruit and veg. All of this is especially important as we will eventually head into the winter months where it is likely we will see a resurgence of the virus possibly even a stronger mutation. Taking these measures BEFORE this time would ensure a more roust general population able to handle the virus should they become infercted and take more strain off the NHS.

Why the contribution is important

To minimize any future impact on the NHS and to reduce infection severity throughout the population. Potentially building herd immunity in a much safer fashion without these measures.

by codenamev on May 06, 2020 at 03:05PM

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