Advice for parents returning to work

Advice and/or help in form of helpline or online forum such as this or guidance web pages on returning to work for parents who do not have the ability or indeed flexibility to arrange and work around childcare for return to work if businesses are to reopen before schools or childcare.

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Many people such as myself go to work during school and out of school care hours. With school and after school care facilities being shut, there are extremely limited options for people wanting to or required to return to work. It is not possible for us to simply switch to weekend working.
Are we going to receive help in the way of being able to request from employers to be furloughed further, perhaps at a greatly reduced rate (ie 50%) until schools etc can be reopened safely. This could be at employers discretion but recommended and backed by Scot Gov. If schools return a blend of home learning and classroom learning the issue is still the same. Scot Gov could also insist that businesses have to fully co operate with school time tables. Many would argue that we should be working around their business models but this is a time of great need and a time for looking after people so they can in turn do their best to give back to their employers when normal conditions have resumed. There will be many hard workers like myself who always give 110% but get nothing in return. Another point when do parents spend quality time with their children if they are busy homeschooling during the week as well as working then having to work the weekend? Lockdown has not been spending quality time. It is stressful.

by NicholaWilkie on May 10, 2020 at 04:39PM

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  • Posted by lindyloo May 10, 2020 at 16:52

    Totally agree. There is no reason why schools cant open up. They have remained open for children whose parents are key workers. Surely if schools were such a breeding ground for coronavirus then even they wouldn't of been open. I dont think politicians realise how much parents rely on schools, after school clubs etc so they can to go to work. There is no point saying business can open if no one can work there because of childcare issues.
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