Advice People to Take at least 2000iu of Vitamin D and 1g of Vitamin C

The very fact the Gov advisers failed to suggest this is the biggest failing of the Governments response in Scotland and in the UK. We knew in early February that the virus triggered a cytokine storm only in people with low immunity, mostly the elderly with comorbidities. A cytokine storm can only be triggered within a person who has almost zero immune modulation. This is known and in the science literature so the Gov advisers have no excuse for not knowing this. As the virus storm was tracked and we knew it was going to hit the UK, commonsense tells anyone with a basic understanding of immune function that they should boost their immunity by taking for example Vitamin D3 supplements which is known to help prevent upper respiratory tract infections and anyone with a modicum of knowledge of the anti-viral mechanisms of Vitamin C (this is scientific fact). So preventative treatments were commonsense and ignored. Taking both these supplements with Zinc as an add on would have helped prevent the possibility of a cytokine storm and would have boosted immune modulation. Were this done then many less people would have died, period. Any expert who doesn't know this is not an expert and knows little about human immune systems. Consider the Medics who have died. Most were of darker skin who are known to be Vit D deficient even more than the general population. All front line staff should have been protected by advice given to boost immunity and no such advice was given. In fact, known best practice and the protocol of using IV Vit C was ignored and even shut down by so-called Fact Checkers as wrong when the science shows very clearly its anti viral mechanisms of action against ARDS and how ARDS can break the lung barrier and without Vitamin C this will happen: with Vit C IV this can be stopped. A hospital in Shanghia used IV Vit C for all staff before they saw one patient and not one member of staff died. There are over 80,000 science papers on VIT D. Then to make things worse people were ordered to stay in their homes and not to go out in the sun to get free Vitamin D from sunshine.

Why the contribution is important

The levels of fear and hysteria engendered by the media have not only depressed people mentally but they have also created STRESS at a serious level which is known scientifically to release cortisol, a hormone which COLLAPSES the immune system. For a Government to make decisions that can affect and destroy people's immune system during a pandemic is a potentially catastrophic decision which clearly was not thought through. Most of what I have heard was based on assumption after assumption, NOT SCIENCE. Lockdown has had no risk assessment whatsoever. Other deaths have spiked, including suicides, domestic abuse, violence and murders. It is blatantly clear there is no science to support even the 2 metre rule of distancing. It is not the black plague we are dealing with but a virus that is just slightly more aggressive than a normal flu as death rates clearly indicate. With only around 5% of the population most likely to be effected, those with compromised immune systems, possibly a percentage of some with hypertension and some with type 2 diabetes, the Doctor who went on TV and said we should EAT HEALTHY FOR THE NHS was absolutely right. Locking down an entire nation which makes them sicker in body (and lowers their immunity) and adversely effects their mental health to protect the most vulnerable 5% is a position that the Governments are now locked into with a need to save public face and continue to justify their draconian decisions, almost all based on assumption about protection that is itself extremely spurious. Can I ask where this protection is? Distancing and hand washing? No immune system boosting means very little protection! Covid 19 is an aggressive flu that people did not need to fear if they have taken 2000iu or more up to 10,000 iu (depending on age size weight and colour) of Vitamin D per day and Vitamin C plus Zinc. Soap cannot stop a cytokine storm. Soap does not create immune modulation. Our amazing immune system which has been around for billions of years has been grotesquely underplayed and simple solutions as outlined here for the healthy were ignored and in their place were fear, tv propaganda and restrictions that make people sicker. We all know that many so-called deaths from Covid 19 were suspected deaths only so when the dust settles the reality of the social and economic devastation and the over reaction by governments will be seen clearly by the pubic who will no doubt keep talking about health and wellbeing when the NHS staff in the front line were left to fight this virus with their hands tied behind their backs. No medicine was allowed despite Chloraquine working successfully in the USA. Vit C IV was used in some hospitals in the USA by a Dr who refused to let any patient die. Same in China but that news was suppressed. We now seem to have Facebook and YouTube censoring and deleting any videos or comments about IV Vit C and anything that can truly benefit patients as prevention in a manner that we baulked at in China until recently. It does appear now that the only truth allowed is a lie that a vaccine will save us all when the science shows that the efficacy of vaccines is highly suspect, ranging from 19% to 59% successful and it is scientifically known that some vaccines if too much antigen is employed can cause the disease to be spread, not prevented. Its time to increase the RDAs for Vit D and C and allow the human immune system to be our main shield against viruses, boosted by Vit D and C and all healthy foods. The only way to protect people against a virus is give them the immune fuel to destroy the virus easily given it could not truly affect the vast majority of the public and truly shield the vulnerable with the same Vitamins and work with the most vulnerable on a case by case basis dependant on age and comorbidities and medicines - those on statins are far more likely to be infected and so on. I believe the government advisers should be sacked immediately and those who declared that around 500,000 might die should be shamed for their outrageous propaganda in perpetuating fear amongst the public. Were the virus as deadly as suggested at first, then most of the Tesco and Asda staff and all other essential workers would have been infected and most would be dead. everyone has touched and handed over money to someone in the last months or punched a keypad touched by someone else so there is a bubble of illusion that we have all kept 6 feet apart. The message should be simple - don't cough on someone if you are infected: stay at home and get through the virus with the right supplements and reduce the fear and panic in the population.

by Patrickscotthogg on May 11, 2020 at 04:29PM

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