Aerosol generating breathing

Face coverings or face masks should be mandatory for those types of outdoor and indoor exercises that by their nature generate aerosol breathing. Examples are joggers, cyclists, sprint runners in both public places and indoor training environments.

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Aerosol breathing or heavier breathing spreads the expiration droplets carrying the virus far further than the recommended 2 metre social distancing. This should be a specific mandated requirement if the general population only need to wear face coverings or masks in Higher density enclosed areas such as on public transport or in supermarkets. Greater protection of the wider public is required when such aerosol breathing is present.

by drags on May 06, 2020 at 01:09PM

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  • Posted by JMack May 06, 2020 at 21:05

    know that the benefits of face coverings/masks are disputed, but they are increasingly being used by countries coming out of lockdown in Europe, and their use is already prevalent in Asia. I believe that, to be effective in mitigating the spread of droplets from sneezes, coughs and breaths, their use in a population needs to be more or less universal. So, I would urge that the current recommendation to consider wearing a face covering in potentially crowded or busy situations like shops and public transport should be toughened up to mandatory status, with the customary range of enforcement provisions. Why the contribution is important I think that the wearing of face coverings/masks in appropriate situations is important because: 1. It is beneficial in preventing the spread of the virus. 2. It will publicly and visibly reinforce community commitment to a disciplined approach to emerging from the crisis. 3. It will be acknowledged by the our neighbours in Europe and the wider World as a reassurance that we are taking the threats of a "second wave" seriously and responsibly.
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