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Everyone entering Scotland by air should be subject to 14 days quarantine to ensure they do not bring Covid-19 into the country, including UK residents returning from abroad.

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To minimise risk of importing more cases of Covid 19 from abroad.

by Lynette90 on May 05, 2020 at 10:12PM

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  • Posted by Tompickering May 05, 2020 at 22:23

    Shut the airports
  • Posted by Jeannie May 05, 2020 at 22:32

    At the moment no one other than our own returning nationals should be allowed in by plane or other means These individuals should definitely be subject to quarantine
  • Posted by Janeyjay71 May 05, 2020 at 22:35

    Don’t think there should be an non essential travel for the rest of the year
  • Posted by Gordy May 05, 2020 at 22:38

    Anyone arriving at a Scottish Airport should be quarantined for 14 days automatically. This should be done after border control and customs and should be treated as a public health matter. This should also get around the "immigration is reserved" issue.
  • Posted by Evelyn May 05, 2020 at 22:44

    Quarantine for 14 days of all new arrivals by air or sea should be mandatory.
  • Posted by LeyaG May 05, 2020 at 23:02

    I am in full agreement that all individuals coming into Scotland should be required to quarantine for a 14day period. It was disappointing to read on social media however that flights coming into a London airport this week, were not subjected to strict social distancing measures, with staff also not adhering to guidelines. (I am aware that social media may not be a strictly reliable source, however, I think it's a point worth raising). We ALL need to be following the guidance given...I understand why some flights will need to continue but this should only be for essential travel/emergency services/ only.
  • Posted by Shep May 05, 2020 at 23:04

    The first 2 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the UK were Chinese nationals. It should be part of our strategy to prevent any new cases being brought in from abroad going forward.
  • Posted by murrayme8 May 05, 2020 at 23:08

    Definitely we need to keep our country safe and I don’t think air travel should be allowed unless necessary as it is just the same air circulating on a plain
  • Posted by AnE1 May 05, 2020 at 23:31

    I agree that people should be self-isolating once they reach their own homes but I know several people who have to travel internationally to work away from home for 6-12 week rotations. It is not feasible to expect these people to go through a quarantine period away from their families every time they travel home.
  • Posted by GKane May 05, 2020 at 23:41

    We currently have a lot of merchant seaman stranded on ships who can’t get off because their reliefs can’t travel. You can not isolate everyone entering the country but we can introduce temperature checks
  • Posted by mrsb May 06, 2020 at 01:37

    strict 14 day quarantine should apply to anyone coming into Scotlands ports and airports and the border between Scotland and England should close if Uk Government don't enforce this as well.
  • Posted by OldDeuteronomy May 06, 2020 at 02:04

    Strict 14 day quarantine for ANYone arriving in Scotland from overseas - as per regulations in other countries.
  • Posted by Djalaodbdld May 06, 2020 at 02:46

    Totally agree. Some family members of ours had to return from abroad at the beginning of lockdown and were given no information at all about isolating for any period of time. Disgraceful.
  • Posted by venusandmars May 06, 2020 at 04:13

    There is no point in having quarantine at Scottish airports if it doesn't apply to the whole of the UK.
  • Posted by ErnestWastell May 06, 2020 at 08:22

    Other countries are doing this. We did it for those who had been on the cruise ship quarantined in Japan at the start of the pandemic - why not now. All people entering Scotland should be quarantined whether Scottish or not - at all points of entry - land, sea or sky. Australia, for one country, is benefitting significantly from this approach.
  • Posted by MargaretR19 May 06, 2020 at 08:51

    Totally agree. We are way behind measures other countries like New Zealand have taken....disgrace that people are flying into London with no measures in place
  • Posted by rootcause May 06, 2020 at 09:53

    Our Border checks are vital to taming this virus. For International travel this is particularly important and it is clearly very unlikely that we will be able to diminish repeat transmission of the virus without much stricter attention and adherence to infection control measures, one of which is social distancing. The Aviation industry has in my opinion too much clout and ungently needs to be realigned to the reality of this pandemic by being actively encouraged and supported to review the deficiencies and enhancement of it's own infection control opportunities, without just attempting to carry on as normal. For example Air Lingus insensitively allowed passengers to cram into a recent flight with scant attention to safety over profit. Air travel will have to undergo a profound transformation before widespread unfettered uptake is allowed. Social distancing on passenger aircraft is made very difficult due to the recirculatory air process . Research into this problem should be funded and supported by Governments now, to seek and implement safer in flight air circulation. This would unlock the industry, bring back scared passengers , and allow the industry to have altruistic control of its future. It is clear to me that air travel requires some form of Government subsidy with increased fares to limit travel
  • Posted by PT May 06, 2020 at 10:24

    A blanket 14 day quarantine won’t work and is not feasible. Imagine a business person flying into a city for a couple of days to restart operations. He/She won’t fly and that will further stymie our economic recovery. Better to screen at airport and release
  • Posted by Lornab May 06, 2020 at 12:10

    Can we have some honesty about flights/holiday for this summer. Many of us had already booked and are being pressurised into paying the balance for a holiday that we know wont happen or face losing monies already paid. Given that no restrictions have yet been lifted its nonsensical for companies to pretend flights are resuming in June. Clear direction from the government is required
  • Posted by gingertinkler May 06, 2020 at 14:58

    What about travel within the UK, or specifically for people in the northern and western isles to know they can actually get off the islands for visiting purposes, we can't drive to see people, we need the planes and boats to open up for travel for all.
  • Posted by lizann May 06, 2020 at 19:40

    I agree and this could allow a return to more air travel. it seems crazy to me that Heathrow is open for business with no restrtions
  • Posted by paulineT May 06, 2020 at 22:57

    Totally agree, all persons arriving should undergo 14 day quarantine and it should be checked on entry as to where they are going to be staying whilst in quarantine.
  • Posted by Magsathome May 06, 2020 at 23:44

    There should be some kind of uniform restrictions/checks coming into U.K. airports in line with most other countries current procedures. This needs to apply UK wide. There is no point in UK citizens complying with lockdown and social distancing procedures if the virus can easily be brought in by a visitor from overseas. Another option is to stop all non essential international travel for the remainder of 2020. This is already being muted in Spain and Australia.
  • Posted by calumathome May 07, 2020 at 09:58

    Control at airports and ports of entry is essential. A period of quarantine should be put in place
  • Posted by kittyj May 07, 2020 at 10:24

    Totally agree, however this needs to apply to the the whole UK.
  • Posted by Scotland_is_flatlining May 07, 2020 at 11:44

    The proposition is ambiguous and unclear. For a limited time, quarantining air travellers may be appropriate for the UK as a whole but where do people quarantine? if self-imposed it is open to abuse. Designating airport hotels as quarantine / transit camps would create a breeding ground for the virus if it were to present in an individual.
  • Posted by nanna62 May 07, 2020 at 15:06

    Why are people travelling? I understand repatriation is still going on and that essential travel among the islands may be necessary but why are other people travelling by air? Scotland is supposedly in lockdown so who are these people who are allowed to travel freely by air? Why are no checks being carried out at our airports? Surely, if we are still allowing people in from abroad they must be told it is mandatory to quarantine for 14 days - in their own homes or in facilities provided by the authorities. The only time I go out is to go to work and I am trying my best but why should it be one rule for me and a different one for them?
  • Posted by NH May 07, 2020 at 20:48

    I agree. You also need to have stricter enforcement. Not enough just to tell people to isolate as many will just ignore it.
  • Posted by catriona May 08, 2020 at 11:01

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  • Posted by Alasdrum May 08, 2020 at 13:56

    Not really practicable.
  • Posted by Slaurand May 08, 2020 at 19:49

    Mandatory testing on entering Scotland would alleviate quarentine requirements. How would quarentine work if it's different across the UK?
  • Posted by daz7067 May 09, 2020 at 15:38

    Our own retuning nationals MUST NOT BE REQUIRED to quarantine. My husband works abroad and now cannot come home as it would be pointless if he cant go out when he returns. As such I have no idea when I will ever see him again - this is devastating for me as I live alone with no family and am totally isolated and lonely due to the lockdown. This quarantine rule will destroy relationships for people in my situation - the government are forcibly keeping couples apart
  • Posted by MikeJohnston May 10, 2020 at 10:50

    USA is spiralling out of control. UK Gov may stop incoming flights AT THE END OF MAY. Scotland should close the border at Gretna/Berwick until UK Gov sees sense.
  • Posted by bstrata May 10, 2020 at 13:35

    What I don't understand is why a 14 day quarantine specifically should be neccessary - if we test everyone upon arrival the period could surely be limited to the point a negative test result is received.
  • Posted by matthew123 May 10, 2020 at 20:20

    They should go into quarantine for the required period while there is a reasonable risk of importing new cases. We should also take the opportunity to severely restrict the use of air travel in order to protect the climate.
  • Posted by Outis May 11, 2020 at 14:57

    There will need to be a better approach than a 2-week quarantine. This is just not feasible for the majority of people travelling. Some international airports have already introduced quick tests which deliver results within 3 hours and travellers have the choice between 14 days of quarantine or paying for the test, which is by far more reasonable. Imposing a 2-week quarantine is practically making travelling (for whichever reason) impossible.
  • Posted by Lomond82 May 11, 2020 at 19:50

    Think all points of entry should have until mid June or end of June to be on the safe side a quarantine period of 14 days. Government need to make a clear date that people leaving or entering UK will be effected by this. Due to this airlines and travel companies should be told with immediate effect they cannot start holidays for example until July. They should also if quarantine is in force ensure no airline or travel company takes UK or foreigner travellers to destinations to be put in quarantine and again on return and ensure people are able to change booking before July.
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