Alcohol Gel Handwash at all Entrances

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Ramp up production of alcohol gels, ask breweries etc to help, and get them everywhere! As a nation we should lather ourselves, or mainly just our hands, in alcohol gel hand washes. Other countries have them enforced at supermarkets, we should go further.

Like they have at entrances to hospitals, we should get them everywhere. I've not seen a single one since the start of the outbreak.

Why the contribution is important

- Helping maintain hygiene as we open up will be critical, people will fall back on old habits.
- If they're uniformly everywhere, it's easier for people to build the habit of using them each time they visit a shop, enter a building, get on a train or bus.
- Social pressure as well, not using it as you enter a building etc.

It should be straightforward to promote (breweries), accepted by people, and each time people use it may cut the chain of a new infection.

by smd80 on May 07, 2020 at 12:07PM

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