All Schools in Scotland - Online tuition or tutorials for S3 S4

All schools in Scotland should be using online communication video conferencing facilities as part of the home schooling mechanism.
This could be as a class or as a subject tutorial.

Why the contribution is important

This would allow teachers and children to communicate in a way that prepares them for face to face return at a date in the future.
Too many children haven't had communication with anyone outside the family circle since March.
Now after 6 weeks they are becoming more stressed at not hearing seeing others.
They need to hear other school voices.
They need to begin to reprogramme themselves for learning.
They need a vehicle to interact with their class mates.
Video conferencing is also part of modern business tools so educates them on this usage too.

by GeorgeGlasgow on May 05, 2020 at 05:06PM

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