Allow childminders to create their own childcare bubbles

Myself and my husband have been at home since the 17th march with one of us going out once every 7-10 days for food. We are both trying to work from home which is an incredible challenge with a very hyperactive pre-schooler. It's also having an impact on our child who isn't getting the attention and activities needed, this is causing us great stress and upset. We have a private childminder and the risk from my child would be nominal, I am sure other parents who use the service would be in the same position and there could be a "bubble" of children using the service. This would need to be done at the discretion of the childminder and numbers/ratios be considered as well as the financial viability for them.

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Coming out of lockdown will be a challenge however before opening businesses childcare needs to be considered. Parents simply can't work without childcare in place. Young children who can't understand the situation are also struggling with lack of social interaction and small, controlled groups using private childcare could be a start to phasing the end of lockdown.

by Flugelduck on May 08, 2020 at 07:31AM

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