Allow contact with another household

Allowing two households within the local authority area to pair up, seeing each other exclusively.
Examples: Children can visit grandparents whom are under the age of 70.

Those living alone can benifit from socialising with another household.

This could be be managed by writing the address of the other household in a document that people carry with them or have handy, minimising rule breaking.

Why the contribution is important

By allowing two households to see each other exclusively several things are achieved...

limiting the spread of disease by maintaining contact with one other household only.

Providing childcare so people who work or study can do so more efficiently.

Lifting morale for those living alone, people suffering from mental health issues or others who need support.

Providing opportunities to socialise and reduce the risk of social unrest or rule breaking.

Offering a safe place for "at risk" children or those suffering from domestic abuse.

Reducing feelings of being under house arrest.

Moving forward in a controlled manner, so there is a feeling of progression.

Managing the spread of Covid19 and being able to track further spread of the virus due to the controlled ease of restrictions.

by Shannon on May 05, 2020 at 05:17PM

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