Allow family to meet up

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Allow family members to meet up outside ie in gardens etc in small groups wearing face masks.
I don’t think the government realise that This is more important to The majority of people than additional exercise or business openings.

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Letting families meet and hug Even just outside is far More important for people’s mental health and well being than additional exercise!!!!
The emotional pressure on children,parents and grandparents has been tremendous and people can cope with a lot If restrictions as long as they have their loved ones beside them.
If allowed Grandparents can take so much pressure of parents who have to work from home by taking the children For a few hours, doing school work with them and allow the parents to concentrate on their work from home thereby creating a win win situation for everyone .... families, employers and government improving people’s mental health.

by christinalaird on May 06, 2020 at 12:29PM

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