Allow for more ways of contribution to society

All members of a society should contribute in some way. The willingness is there, as the huge response to the call for volunteers has clearly shown. There are not nearly enough opportunities in volunteering available for all those, who want to contribute in a different way than in a classic paid employment. Even Charity is a business sector, with at least the higher tiers being paid jobs. This pandemic is going to lead to an unprecedented amount of job losses. Competition for available jobs will be more pronounced than ever before. The individual has a duty to contribute to society. Society has a duty to provide every member with the means to a dignified living. And that does include the opportunity to contribute, not only financial support.

Why the contribution is important

Because the scarcity of available jobs we are going to face, calls for more than financial support. We need for every individual to be provided with the opportunity to contribute to society.

by Elkie on May 10, 2020 at 01:30PM

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