Allow limited travel to the countryside

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I go for a walk in Edinburgh for 1 hour - I see 50 people I go for a walk in the countryside for 1 hour- I see 0 to 1 person Limit this to within a certain distance from home, stop people all pilling into the highlands etc. Time limit for walking / visit / general outdoor time would need to be scrapped

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It's logical - spread people across a wider area = less contact Reduces number of people walking on city streets for exercise. Much more sustainable than the 1 hour in the immediate vicinity of home, at least people can leave the immediate area of their home - you can keep this going longer than people will tolerate the current rules A&E attendance is massively down, you can't argue it may overwhelm the NHS due to increased travel etc.

by alexpearson on May 07, 2020 at 04:44PM

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