Allow lockdown to ease due to scientific evidence

If you look at the figures and the facts lockdown should be eased!

If you compare the volume of deaths for the same period of time last year (ie normal level of deaths in Scotland) versus this year, the actual figure for the number of deaths from Corona Virus is minimal compared to other areas of he UK.

It has been stated that 60% of those deaths have occurred in care homes
It has also been stated that vast majority of those not in care homes are people with underlying health conditions.

Therefor recommend that care homes stay in lockdown along with all people with underlying health problems and let everyone else get back to work and on with their lives in order to save the economy.

Also no consideration that by keeping people in lock down for longer you are risking a higher suicide rate/ higher domestic abuse and higher risk for vulnerable children. There is no evidence in Scotland to agree that lockdown should be continued. Keep lockdown for those at risk only ie care homes and underlying health conditions and let every one else return to work including opening up schools.

No trust is being put into people that they will return to their businesses in a sensible manner and respect social distances, least that way their businesses can continue providing them with an income and saving the economy.

Also nobody seems to be questioning why the Government in Scotland have not ramped up the testing to the same people and same levels as England, if the testing was ramped up this would also help to determine any cases and stop the spread.

The Scottish Government is not helping everyone who is in Lockdown which is coming into its eighth week, that is 8 weeks without income for some and no light of that situation changing. Why are Limited companies being excluded from the help. For Limited companies Dividends are not being viewed as income however for self employed people dividends are being viewed as income - make up your mind and apply the rules fairly.

Some of the awful ideas that Nicola Sturgeon has so far stated ie garden centres cant open, why cant garden centres do online orders, then over the phone payment and socially distances deliveries the time lockdown is over these businesses will have lost £1000 is stock. As for her also not opening rubbish dumps this again makes no sense, fly tipping has increased dramatically, allow one person into dump at a time and allow them to dispose of rubbish in a sensible manner.

So many questions need to be asked about how this whole situation has been handled and I hope those who have made these life changing decision will be held accountable when it is proven that the wrong decisions have been made.

Why the contribution is important

Because it is based on facts - the facts that have been presented to us by the Government - it is clear to see when the stats are looked at in the correct manner that further lockdown does not make sense based on the figures presented.

by Macleod2801 on May 10, 2020 at 04:27PM

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  • Posted by MikeJohnston May 10, 2020 at 16:37

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  • Posted by JLMBD May 10, 2020 at 16:45

    You've been looking at alternative facts. If there is a minimal increase in death rates, and I don't trust your source on this, it is because lockdown is working.
  • Posted by lindyloo May 10, 2020 at 16:48

    Totally agree with this. I feel there is so much wrong with this lockdown I dont even know where to start. I feel party politics is now entering these decisions. We decided to go into lockdown when Westminster told us. Now when they are looking to start to ease lockdown we are told here it's too risky. It does not make sense. Nicola tells us that as health is a devolved power it's up to her to decide. But today Westminster has announced some barmy idea for 14 day quarantine for travellers coming into Britain which she says she supports. I understand people are dying from coronavirus, but people are dying from the lockdown, but it seems these lives dont matter. Many more lives are going to be affected the longer lockdown goes on. Business can not survive much longer. My husbands work has already said they are going forward with redundancies. Many people are going to be pushed into poverty because of this. Many people are going to lose their lives due to mental health issues because of the lockdown and the implications of this will be felt for months if not years ahead. As you said above keep care homes locked down and start getting the rest of us back to work and living our lives. A professor on the Andrew Marr show reckoned around 7 million people in Britain have had coronavirus. Most of us wont even of had any symptoms. The death peak was around 10th April then started to fall. This means the peak of infection rate was around 3 weeks before then which was before lockdown started. So lockdown has had no beneficial effect on the spread of coronavirus. We should be looking at Sweden as an example. I think these politicians not just in Britain but most of Europe have dug themselves into a hole with the lockdown, they know they have scared the population witless with it and they dont know how to end it.
  • Posted by MARshd May 10, 2020 at 16:59

    A very similar view as per the original comment has been expressed in a Paper published recently, i.e. "Segmentation and shielding of the most vulnerable members of the population as 2 elements of an exit strategy from COVID-19 lockdown."

    Adopting this alternate strategy would tend to concentrate the scarce resources in the most needed areas, protect those most at risk and allow many others to get back to working in some form of a "new normal" and get the country back on its feet again.
  • Posted by emwpaisley May 10, 2020 at 17:59

    I have always wondered what science they were following as it has never been punished and every figure is implied ?! The fact that it is not published means no peer scrutiny either ! Removal of our rights and freedom has to be debated and justified! Frankly I think now it’s returning to the usual political circus !
  • Posted by Spice2010 May 10, 2020 at 18:13

    I must agree with the above two comments. With the majority of cases in care homes it surely is best for the general public to return to a more routine lifestyle.
  • Posted by Nm May 10, 2020 at 20:06

    It is too early to remove the lockdown. Yes, it has worked with some success but I would have hoped for a sharper decrease in number of new cases and number of deaths by now. I feel that the reasons for this slow decrease are:
    1) tendency to rank measures and only choose the one with the most effect so that, for example, benefits from air travel quarrantine or wearing masks were missed.
     (2) misunderstanding of what the public would tolerate. Many people went into lockdown before official advice and observe a more rigorous lockdown than their neighbours. An opportunity for a harder but ultimately shorter lockdown was missed. Here, the duration of trips outside the home and what was essential work could have been more restrictive. Household mixing and meetings outside of home could have been policed more as well as workplaces strictly sending employees home when they have symptoms.
    So now the fairly weak lockdown as is needs to continue perhaps 3 weeks longer. Benefits would be to give hospitals a chance to disinfect properly and return to capacity for normal work thus stopping deaths from missed interventions. Future deaths because of economic side effects may be avoided completely if the economy can upturn sharply. This is more likely if a second peak with a second lockdown is avoided. Easier to avoid a second peak if R is 0.7 or lower.
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