Allow non-essential work in the home to get many self-employed back to work

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Throughout the lockdown, essential work has been permitted in homes, for example plumbing, electrics etc. Surely extending this to allow non-essential work to commence would allow many self-employed individuals to get back to work and be a major boost for the economy. It is possible to socially distance in homes as customers can remain in other rooms. Enhanced H&S, mask wearing, gloves etc. are all possible and standard practice for lots of trades even before Coronavirus. If someone ants a new kitchen, bathroom fitted or painting and decorating done this is entirely possible while still maintaining safe social distancing.

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This will allow many to safely get back to work and be a significant boost for the economy. Additionally, with people spending more time in the home, having work done etc. would be a boost for many peoples wellbeing, making people happier at home.

by laurenforbes361 on May 06, 2020 at 10:22AM

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