Allow people to see their partners they don't live with

To allow people to seeing their partners they do not live with. Or one other person from another house hold if they live alone.

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People's mental health is suffering and it's worse for those who live alone. It feels like the current system could be made so much easier if everyone who lives alone is allowed to see someone else. There are a lot of stories in the new about people across the country are already breaking this rule, allowing people to see some else would make this less likely.

by poppymckenzie on May 06, 2020 at 11:53AM

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  • Posted by Tgc80 May 06, 2020 at 15:10

    This should be considered but needs to be in a very controlled way. If you for example live with your parents in their 80s and you want to see your bf who lives with some mates who will also see their gfs...I can see this quickly become problematic and risky.
  • Posted by dantelopez May 06, 2020 at 15:18

    For many who would (before lockdown) see partners daily or regularly, being apart like this will be causing huge issues - even some of the 'strongest' relationships may be weakening if there isn't a way forward or a way to allow people to at least have the choice to see their partner soon. It has been over six weeks and if this continues there will be lasting mental health issues as a result of this. Relationships that are irreparably damaged may result in a high number of relationships ending, divorces etc and that added mental stress at this time is unnecessary and dangerous. Relationship breakdown is a leading cause of suicide in Scotland ( and unless action is taken, there is a risk of a 'Mental Health Pandemic' looming on the horizon. Even for those not in relationships, the ability to visit a friend or close family member and talk in person would boost morale and mental wellbeing considerably. It would possibly as you mentioned, increase compliance as people will feel less restricted and rebellious as a result of these measures.
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