allow specialist surveys on houses under offer

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Until specialist surveys can be carried out on the house we hope to buy, we cannot proceed toward exchange of contracts. We are told that no surveys are happening, even on new-build housing. Surely one surveyor can visit a house with one (or no) occupant with less risk than going food shopping.

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This will have created a tremendous backlog, and risks our completed chain falling to pieces. We have been trying to move for over a year, made an offer in early February, and our solicitor found issues only days before lockdown, which will only resolve when surveys are allowed. Our lives are on hold (and partially in boxes) until this becomes possible. There are many people in this situation, and with so much uncertainty about future employment, it is important to act promptly to enable house buying transactions to move on.

by GloriaJB on May 06, 2020 at 10:51PM

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