Allow the public to see family/partners they don’t live with

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Allow the public to have the ability to see family and partners that they do not currently live with for whatever reason within a reasonable distance such as 40miles.

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This is crucial for creating a ‘new normal’ as the public can regain some aspects of family, social and relationships but keeping the risk of a second spike to a minimum. It feels some non essential shops and services are operating but grandparents can’t see grandchildren, parents see children who don’t live within there home and couples who at present don’t live in the same household. It seems immensely damaging to family life that some grandparents haven’t seen there grandchildren who have been born with the lockdown and relationships/mental health will not deteriorate without this being relaxed but in a safe and sensible manor.

by Gav94 on May 06, 2020 at 06:22PM

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