Allow the use of common sense

My idea is to allow people to use their common sense while we navigate through the current crisis. If people wish to go in their car and visit family, or partake in outdoor sport, visit their holiday home, stay in a hotel or go to a bar etc etc then allow them.

Why the contribution is important

The idea is important because all governments have their own agenda and ours has been frightened into thinking that number count of deaths is the be all and end all. The deaths are immensely sad but then all deaths are and people die every day, unlamented by the government. The chances of healthy people catching and becoming dangerously ill or dying from this virus is very, very small, miniscule in fact. I understand the government do not wish for me to die because that looks bad on their report card come the next election, but I'm not bothered about their votes. Allow me to use my common sense, if I am likely to catch or spread unawares the virus then I won't indulge in that activity or go to that location.
My life, my call.

by Fifer72 on May 05, 2020 at 01:59PM

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