Allow UK family bubble

My wife and I work full-time and have children at primary school. My wife’s parents are in England and my own are very high risk. Being unable to see grandparents - to disallow families critical contact which is important for wellbeing - wherever they may stay outside, is a basic infringement of liberty the state has no right to limit. Not only is it good for the adults to see the children and focus on work when required with some limited caring of the children, it’s also good for the children who are not receiving fullest attention if parents have to work, no matter how hard one tries. Any society is based on our social fabric and this is very cruel way to kill it.

Why the contribution is important

Critical emotional contact for all. Help with childcare to improve wellbeing for all involved. Better for children as well as adults. Basic right to see immediate family.

by Stephenaitken123 on May 06, 2020 at 07:25AM

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