Allowed to travel and stay with partner

Allow couples, who do not live together, to be able to travel to the other persons house and continue lockdown together, regardless of distance. Myself and my partner both work from home, at our respective homes (alone), and frequently travel to stay with one another – 130 mile journey. Unfortunately, we were caught out with the lockdown and have been apart. I don’t think much consideration has been given to people in relationships that are apart, that could easily be together if they could make one journey, however at the moment this would be an offence. I have a history of periodic spells of depression and chronic anxiety, the levels of which both have increased with the current situation and being able to have company at this moment would make the world of difference.

Why the contribution is important

• Improve mental health and wellbeing • Any additional lockdown measure, or speed at which easing takes place, will be easier to manage • Removes the sense of isolation • Able to support one another

by djp on May 11, 2020 at 08:30PM

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