Allowing island communities to reopen in controlled way.

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I live on an island where there have luckily been very few cases of COVID-19.
Speaking as someone of working age who is currently shielded due to an underlying health condition, but is keen to return to work, my suggestion, which might also be applicable to remote/isolated areas on the mainland, is to see if these areas could reopen in a limited way once a
statistically valid portion of the local population has been tested. If it can be demonstrated that the virus is not widespread, then the local community could be released from strict lockdown while maintaining social distancing etc. It would be necessary to still 'police' the 'border' of each community eg not allowing tourists to fly in or use the ferry; and perhaps anybody from the community who travels outside, may need to self-isolate for a period upon return and/or have a test. This would effectively quarantine a community, while allowing it to function within itself as much as possible. I would suggest that this be applicable for only a limited period, and, if successful, as a step towards a more extensive lifting of the lockdown generally.

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It would enable a release from strict lockdown in those self-contained communities where it would be safe to do so.

by Nick66 on May 07, 2020 at 11:51AM

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