Allowing pupils to return to school

I am a teacher who is volunteering in a key worker hub. Even with 6-8 children in a class it is impossible to impose social distancing unless they are made to physically sit apart. Therefore it is necessary to ensure that the time children spend in school socially distanced is minimal. When children do go back to school the class sizes should be small. Consider tweaking the school day so that you have a morning cohort and an afternoon cohort. Packed lunches for lunch or hot meals to take away. The teacher duplicates the learning for each set. Follow up work to be sent home. That way children only have to put up with social distancing for half a day at a time. Tables, laptops etc cleaned at cross over. Core subjects mainly taught. No parents allowed in playground. No school uniform so clothes can be washed/changed daily. If you send P7 back before the end of June please only do so for a couple of days. It is hard enough to keep them going at this time during a normal term but it would be very hard at this time especially as there may be no other year groups back.

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Teachers know what they are doing. We want to teach our kids but we also know what does and doesn’t work with them. We are not just childcare. We also go home to families and want to be safe. In saying that, I trust Nicola Sturgeon to get this right.

by LiviTeacher on May 10, 2020 at 11:14PM

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