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I believe angling should be allowed to continue this summer provided social distancing can be preserved and distance travelled is within reason. Fisheries and places with heavy angling demands could limit tickets and avoid situations where boats were overcrowded. Allowing such measures is reasonable, beneficial and protective of people’s mental well being. Reinstating the right to some angling activity would allows local and rural communities to preserve some vital lost income, and is a form of exercise for many of those who fish. Provided certain measures are observed it could benefit the community during the difficult lock down period.

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Angling is important for the mental health and well being of those who take part in it. In my view it is an important escape and does count as a form of exercise for many senior citizens. Furthermore it is a critical source of income to many rural communities and would allow the angling community to provide important indirect support for our communities. It is unlikely that any fisherman would wish to fish within two metres of another as this is contrary to the mentality pervasive within the sport. Allowing some return to normality within reason supports the community and preserves well being during difficult times.

by Tkg1510 on May 07, 2020 at 01:08PM

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