Any venue that can demonstrate adequate control of social distancing should be open.

There are many venues that can limit the number of visitors ant any one time. Typically any venue with an access control system.

If visitors can be restricted to a number that allows all of them to respect social distancing, then they should be allowed to open. Just like the House of Commons!

Stores with trolleys can simply limit the number of trolleys available (and require everyone entering to have a trolley).

This would allow numerous venues to open: eg. "non essential" shops (craft and hobby shops); zoos and aquariums; National Trust properties.

Why the contribution is important

Economic: Retaining SOME economic activity is better than killing all businesses.

Social: Enabling a variety of social experiences is important, even if there are restrictions which mean the visitor experience is less than it would have been in the old normal.

by Janus on May 08, 2020 at 11:56PM

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