App that educates us and holds us accountable to strengthen our immune system

Even before the crisis hit I was working on an app that would help people with behaviour change. One of the areas we were focussing on was health and well-being and this is vital right now. We were funded by Scottish Enterprise to create a prototype but when the crisis hit it slowed everything down. The way that Scottish Enterprise Funding works is that we only receive the money when it is completed. This means I have to pay for it from my own pocket and this is tricky right now because of the current situation. We are now 3 months away from having that prototype but with some funds and maybe not even funds just some connections to people who can collaborate create this the process can be expedited. With a simple app that we can roll out to the whole country we can help people take responsibility for strengthening their immune systems, their overall health and well-being, the environment, civic responsibilities etc.

Why the contribution is important

Simply because this is our best defense against Covid-19. If we have a population of people who have strong immune systems then we will be able to weather this and any other viral storm that follows. Why be short sighted. We have an opportunity to make ourselves resilient. Why wait for a vaccine when nature has already given us the best cure, a resilient immune system. This we have control over. We do not know if or when a vaccine wilI ever emerge but this we can do ourselves. If government asks people to take this responsibility and educates them to do so then maybe a huge part of the population will step up. Sometimes it takes something as urgent as this for us to respond and if our leaders ask us then we might be more willing to do so. Why seek a quick fix when we can foster an environment for people to become healthier overall. Imagine the burden that over the long-term will be lifted from the NHS if our people are healthier? Imagine the savings to the national budget? We find ourselves in a time where this is going to be crucial. Imagine a government backed app that is not just about how people can survive beyond this but also how they can thrive despite this and maybe even because of this? If we pioneer something like this then Scotland could be leading the world in a revolutionary idea of people taking that personal responsibility with a government willing to help them do exactly that.

by Feriface on May 11, 2020 at 02:12PM

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