As easing starts, explanation of each continued restriction is vital.

Many activities pose no apparent virus risk to the actor or others ( tiny examples are walking/hiking/cycling for extended periods, fishing, driving) . Their prohibition is acceptable because that aids a simple and comprehensive message which bears more strongly on other activities. Living in a leafy spacious setting or being a car owner should not confer even greater privileges. However, once the message is not completely simple or universal then each restriction needs a clearly stated rationale. Why would travel where all in a vehicle are of 1 household not be permitted ? Why would fishing be a problem ? Why should hill walking or distance cycling be restricted ? Why should wild swimming be forbidden ? Why could golf not resume with sensible precautions ? There may be reasons for any or all of these but if so they need to be fully spelled out. The principles being applied and concrete examples need careful and credible explanation.

Why the contribution is important

Mass non-compliance and/or mass discontent will be the result if the populace has not been told why specific rules must apply.

by dandemcd on May 08, 2020 at 01:34AM

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