Avoiding contact of public surfaces

Many people will already have modified their behaviour to avoid touching surfaces touched by other members of the public, eg door handles, gates, card machines.

But old habits die hard, and there are bound to be people out there who are still touching communal surfaces when they should avoid doing so for their and everybody else’s safety.

Some short public awareness films (30 seconds for example) shown prime time to demonstrate things to avoid would make sense. Hand washing is really important, but it is seldom 100% effective even if done thoroughly. Avoiding surface contact further reduces the risk. I haven’t seen enough about this in the material issued by the Govt.

Why the contribution is important

To actively promote simple behavioural adjustments that can further reduce virus transmission.

by OwenVickers on May 05, 2020 at 05:23PM

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  • Posted by Hudsone728 May 05, 2020 at 17:34

    I agree. While we are becoming used to avoiding touch points in our own homes or when shopping now, this will have to be embedded as our long term "new normal". There will also be modifications possible such as altering the taps in public bathrooms or changing to automatic sensor operated lighting systems. I noted that the Independent Sage group mentioned that hospital redesign happened so that there could be more than one route through the hospital as a response to SARs (I think). Routes around even office buildings may have to change and certainly will form part of the thinking for schools
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