Ban cars in some city streets.

Pedestrianise streets. Put in cycle lanes with temporary measures; use cones and temporary signs. Close off roads to all but local traffic, with 5mph speed limits. Try out dramatic new things to prioritise pedestrians and bikes. This doesn't need a lot of money or planning. Put things in place and remove them if they don't work. Imagine being able to walk to work when the time comes, but actually having the space to keep a distance. I'd suggest the Slow Streets programme in Oakland California could provide an inspiration/ template.

Why the contribution is important

Something like this is essential for people to travel to work safely if they don't have a car. With people avoiding public transport, there will be more pedestrians as we take our next steps, and those pedestrians will need more space than ever. The same is true of cyclists. Thinking about the future too, this is a fantastic opportunity to rethink our travel and make it more sustainable. It will make the lockdown easier to manage and could have long term benefits too.

by IMcK on May 11, 2020 at 09:30PM

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