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I think we should stay in lockdown until the 28th May. From now until that date comes we need a breakdown similar to what other countries have done on when the economy can restart. So for example 1st June small retailers can open and garden centres. We could also mix with maybe another household. Then the next week something else can open and so on. I have read a few messages on here saying get the police to control this and that. The police do not have the numbers to do that. Although we are in lockdown you would never know as the police are still busy and still have lots of calls to go to. Also I feel there needs to be some clarity on weddings. I have two weddings one at the end of July and one in August and these poor couples don’t know if there dream day will go ahead nor when they will be able to get married. The money that they have paid will they get this back? You plan this day for years and I feel it’s unfair to them not knowing where they stand. One of the suggestion’s is we will allow people to exercise more than once a day. People are already doing this so in terms of that being something new and easing the lockdown it really isn’t. Cancer treatment should open immediately we are supposed to be trying to save lives not lose lives. I feel this should never have been stopped in the first place. The mental health section in the nhs also should be opened immediately people need this more than ever. The other issue I have is when companies open back up and people return to work how will this be possible if they have children and the schools are closed? Will people have to quit there jobs to look after there children ? There needs to be clarity on this and if the government will support these people or there companies will keep there jobs open for them until the schools reopen. In terms of restaurants and bars this is a massive industry and I feel a lot of these places may never open again after this. But if they have to stay closed until 2021 or until we find a vaccine are the government going to pay there wages and rents on there premises until then? how are these people supposed to survive? My grandma is 90 and she gets two careers a day in to her house every day twice a day. These careers are visiting multiple people and aren’t wearing ppe. Now I’m working from home, I’m getting my shopping delivered and I’m having no contact with anyone else, but I can’t visit her, surely I’m less at risk of passing anything on to her than the careers? I think it would be good for people’s well being if outdoor activities could re open like golf, tennis anything that can people active and keep there mind occupied. Also garden centres would benefit if they could re-open as they only have a small window of opportunity to sell there plants and summer stuff and gardening is really all people can do at the moment and is good for the mind. In terms of people living in high rise flats my hearts go out to them and for there own sanity they need a plan and to know when they can get out and about. What gets me the most is that we have people living on the streets, kids in poverty, food-banks that people are using daily in Scotland but yet in the space of a week we managed to find 43 million pounds to make the Louisa Jordan hospital that now looks like it won’t ever be used. If it’s there why can’t all patients in hospitals at the moment with covid-19 or any new cases go in to that hospital? And then people would go to a&e and normal services could resume at hospital’s. The people of Scotland are sticking to this lockdown but it’s still spreading, is it spreading through hospital’s? Patients to staff? That’s why I think if it was contained in the one place the spread would be slower and some normality could return.

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by Cp22 on May 06, 2020 at 11:08AM

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